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Why Is It Not Possible To Use Chromecast With Linksys Velop Mesh Wi-Fi Router?

Though Linksys Velop router has many unique and advanced features, still it lacks in some functions. One such function is the inability to cast the content using Chromecast with the Linksys Velop Mesh Wi-Fi router. Some users have complained of the forum that they are facing problem in casting the content from their Chromecast when it is connected to the Velop Wi-Fi system. They said that their Chromecast is not visible on the chrome browser which they have opened on their smartphone or computer even when the Chromecast is connected to the network.

The problem of casting is not due to the reason that the computer and the Chromecast are connected to the same network and connection established between the Chromecast and Velop router. According to some experts who have done some research work on this matter, this problem is due to the problem with the band selected on the router. If you have selected a band on the router that is not supported by Chromecast media streaming player, you will get problem in streaming content.

To get rid of this problem, you ought to turn on ‘UPNP’ and disable isolation.

Another user who is facing the same problem said that he has tried to solve the problem by disconnecting the devices from the modem provided by an internet service provider and then connect the Velop setup to it. After this, he has turned off the Wi-Fi and tried to connect the Velop again to the internet by enabling Wi-Fi again. The problem is still not resolved. Now, he tried to connect the Velop node through wired network by connecting the Ethernet cable to the desktop Ethernet port and to the Velop. He has now bypassed the ISP’s provided modem and router and get success in streaming content from Chromecast media streaming player which is linked to chrome browser on computer.

Another user facing the same issue on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The user was using Samsung S8 smartphone and try to cast the content from the Chromecast but find ‘No internet access’ message on screen.

Though he was able to access the browser and other websites but find the problem in casting content from smartphone to Chromecast.  The user has tried to access the media through Wi-Fi connection through DSL but didn’t tried through DSL router installed on the internet. Here, we can say that the problem which he was facing is due to the wrong band selected. Had he selected the right band, he would have not caused such inconvenience from his Velop router. The leads to inability in watching content from the devices connected to Chromecast. So, if you are facing the same problem with your Chromecast, then must try this solution, you will definitely get success and enjoy seamless streaming of your favorite content.

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