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Tips And Tricks To Fix ‘Parental Controls Not Working’ Problem On Linksys Router

By using Linksys smart Wi-Fi dashboard interface, you can easily change the settings and manage controls of your router. There is no restriction of accessing the router when you are away from home. You can manage it anywhere from world. There’s smart wi-fi feature with the help of which you can block, protect or restrict the internet usage on particular websites. This feature is called ‘Parental controls’ which is incorporated in almost all the latest models of routers. However, there are some users who are getting problem in using it or is not working on their routers. They want to set parental controls for specific websites but get error message on the screen. We are going to help them out by providing possible causes along with the solutions to the problem.

Reasons why parental controls not working on Linksys router

If you are getting problem in using the feature, then there are some possible reasons behind it. We are going to discuss them one by one. If you find any of the below-mentioned symptoms on your router, you can follow the steps accordingly.

  • The firmware version of the Linksys app installed on the system, if not latest, then you will get the problem in using the parental control.
  • Sometimes, real-time conflicting issues may affect the parental controls of the router.
  • Using the router in the bridge mode disables parental controls. So, if your router is in bridge mode, you can’t set parental controls on it until or unless you start using it as a normal router.

If you find the above-mentioned symptoms on your router, you can try the tips and tricks which are going to be furnished here as under for resolving the problem.

First of all, the Linksys app must be updated to start with the troubleshooting process.

How to update the firmware?

Go to a router-based web-interface page by clicking the IP address in the address bar of computer browser.

  1. Try log in to the setup page by entering the default login credentials. If you have changed the login details earlier, then login with that details. Input details in the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ field.
  2. Search for updates in the next window. If you find the update button is available, click on ‘Download’ and go to the official website by entering the model number.
  • Go to the ‘Support’ tab and hit ‘Download’ button. You will be required to enter the hardware version and select the file available for download. Click on ‘Save’ once the file gets downloaded.
  1. Go to ‘Admin’ tab and select the firmware you have downloaded recently from the ‘Saved’ files folder. Once you upload the file, it will automatically start upgrading.

After implementing the steps mentioned above, you will be able to solve the ‘Parental controls’ not working problem. Now, enable parental controls from the web-interface page and try blocking the websites. For more information click at Linksys Smart Wifi Setup.


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