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Linksys Velop Now Works In Full-Bridge Mode And Has ‘Parental Control Scheduler’ Feature Too!

Linksys Velop as we all know is different from other routers that we all have been using till now. This is a mesh Wi-Fi system, which covers more area than an average area. The device has been in the market for a couple of years now and is being sold like anything else. If you too are using this device, then you must have received the last firmware update in which quite a few new features were added into the device. We are going to discuss those features in this journal one by one, so continue reading as you are going to find many new things about the device today. The new update features parental control scheduler along with full bridge mode, which makes the internet signal more powerful and consistent.

This particular update was of great importance because it allowed the system to work as part of an existing network just like how a modem/router combo works, instead of creating a separate network. This type of setup is also known as double-NAT.

Linksys Velop is in ‘full-bridge’ mode because it functions as a system despite having two units. Devices such as Google Wifi works in bridge mode as well, but only when they are using one hardware unit. While using a device in bridge mode, it is not possible to get the full feature set of Velop because original router manages the home network.

However, Belkin told that Velop is going to function as a dynamic tri-band system, having the ability to use any of its 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz bands to deliver a strong and consistent internet connection to users. Moreover, the support for Amazon Alexa and the ability to acquire auto-firmware updates will also not be affected with Velop being in full-bridge mode.

When Velop was launched initially, it was considered as a fast home mesh system, but it was expensive. However, with time, the price of the system has gone down, plus the update has made things more competitive among Wi-Fi systems.

You will also be able to use ‘parental control scheduler’, which allows you to schedule the time of accessing the internet for your kids. This feature is really handy for those having extremely smart children at home who know all the workarounds of accessing the internet. This feature was also rolled out for Linksys Max-Stream and WRT product lineup as well, so just in case, you are using one of these, then you can access the feature in these devices as well.

The firmware update would be added to your device automatically, but in case that doesn’t happen, then you can get the update manually as well. For that, you need to launch the Linksys app or the web interface of the router.

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