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Linksys Velop Mesh Routers Can Be Used As Security System

Linksys Velop is a futuristic routing device, which works on the principle of the mesh system. With Linksys Velop installed in your house, you can expect high-speed and reliable internet connectivity throughout your house. However, Linksys Velop is not just a router, but it is a home security system. Yes, you are seeing it right; it can act as a home security system without cameras. To know more about this particular feature of the unit, continue reading.

If you are looking to beef up the security of your home, but don’t want to spend money on cameras or sensors, then there is no need to. You can enhance the security of your house by making use of a router.

Linksys has rolled out a new motion-sensing subscription service by the name of Linksys Aware, which makes use of data from Velop mesh routers to monitor the property via Wi-Fi signals.

This particular service detects motion in the house followed by sending alerts to the users via their smartphones on which the Linksys app is installed. Users have the option to turn off or snooze the alerts when they are busy, but it is not recommended because the alerts are related to the safety of their house. They can also calibrate the sensitivity of the motion detection if they think their home is designed in a unique way. By calibrating the sensitivity of motion detection, they can prevent rise of false alarms.

Linksys despite launching this product hasn’t specified as to how this technology would work, but as far as other versions of motion detection are concerned, which make use of mesh networks, then it can be adjudged that the product will work after detecting ‘noise’ in the Wi-Fi signals that bounce off the walls. When someone walks into a room, they change the bouncing movement of the Wi-Fi signals, and it is only a router, which can detect it.

That is not just the only feature, but there is an intruder alarm, which will be provided into the unit. Linksys has suggested that the system can be used by people, who want to take care of elders in the house. Data for 60 days will be available in the app, so any movement that occurred in your house for the last 60 days can be viewed. The data will be available in hourly, daily and weekly increments.

The service is already available on Linksys Velop routers in most countries and will be extended to other Linksys routers in the future as well. Users are requested to update the firmware of their device and download the app from the app store of their respective device. The service can be tried free of cost for initial 90 days and after that, it will cost them $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year. For more information click at Velop Setup.


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