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Linksys Velop: How Does This Incredible Router Work?

Linksys Velop offers fast internet connectivity along with better coverage. Linksys Velop comes in a batch of three or more, which are placed in different parts of the house to cover the entire premise with strong internet signals. Of those three Velop Routers, one is called the primary node, as it is used for setting up the devices for the first time. Any of those three units can be used as a primary node, while others will work as secondary nodes. Let’s delve into the details as to how Linksys Velop works, now that tri-band technology has been introduced in this router.

Integrated Roaming

No matter if you have installed three or more Velop routers all across your house, your devices will consider the whole setup as one. With built-in roaming technology, you can easily roam from one room to another, watching your favorite video online, as the signal won’t go down. If you are familiar with roaming through your phone, then the technology we are talking about works like that only. When you go from one part of the country to another, your phone never loses the cellular network because your network provider has laid a web of network that allows you to get the closest and strongest signal.  Linksys Velop works on the same principle but on a very small scale.

Beam Formation

Velop Stations know where your Wi-Fi enabled devices are in the house, and with that information, they can direct the Wi-Fi signal. You can compare the beamforming to a projector having Wi-Fi, which lights up your tablets or laptop and follows it. By grouping the signal, it becomes stronger compared to the scattered signals.

Dynamic tri-band

Velop stations make use of the tri-band system to distribute network traffic. The majority of routers have two Wi-Fi bands, i.e., 5 GHz band, and 2.4 GHz band, which allow them to direct and communicate wireless traffic. This 5 GHz Wi-Fi band is what is extra in Velop routers, and it is not for your tablet, laptop or TV, but it is for the stations to communicate with each other for the best distribution of network devices. This communication basically happens to provide you with the strongest internet signal.

Pros & Cons of Linksys Velop


  1. Linksys Velop allows you to create one large Wi-Fi network that has spreads power internet signals throughout the house.
  2. With a simultaneous tri-band signal, your router configures three wireless networks at once.
  3. Velop Router is compatible with MU-MIMO technology, which provides a more stable Wi-Fi connection.


To obtain the advantages of these routers, the devices connected to the routers must operate on 5 GHz frequency. For more information click at Linksys Smart Wifi Setup.


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