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Know The Exact Difference Between The Second Computer And The Guest Computer Added To The Linksys Network

Adding a second computer to the network means you have complete access to the network as well as to the main network. If we talk off Guest computer, there is limited access to the internet with a restriction on accessing the main network.

Steps for connecting the second computer to the Linksys network?

You can connect the computer in three different ways to the network.

  • Using the Ethernet cable or we can also call it a wired network. Connect both the ends of the cable to the devices.
  • Connecting the additional wireless computers to the internet is easy through the setup key.
  • Connecting the computer or laptop wirelessly through the router provided SSID and password.

How to connect the guest computer to the network?

The guest network feature is not available on all the routers but is available only on smart Wi-Fi routers. Once the router is connected to the device, you can start accessing any website but with limitation to not to access the main network. There is no passkey required during the authentication of the network but when you open the website, you will be prompted to key-in the password first.

When you configure the Wireless router or smart Wi-Fi router, you will find the 2 SSID’s with the same name. From one network, you can add ‘Guest’ as a prefix to the SSID. This will differentiate from another. To read complete instructions related to Linksys connection, you can click on ‘Help’ link.

How to connect the Apple iPad to the guest network?

If you want to provide the limited access of the network to the iPad user, then you can get this connected under Guest network devices. It will not harm or interfere with the main network. You need only the below mentioned things to start with the setup:

  • Guest Wi-Fi.
  • Password

If you don’t know the guest password, you can check it from the Linksys router app installed on the smartphone.

  1. Open settings from the home screen.
  2. Click on ‘Wifi’ and select the desired SSID.
  3. Click to connect to it. In the guest network, there is no need to add or you will never be prompted to enter the passkey as it is unsecured network and anyone can easily connect to it. The only condition being, when you open any website, you have to enter the password which will authenticate you as a guest on the network.
  4. Click to enter the password and tap ‘Login’.
  5. Press ‘Done’.
  6. Close the settings menu of your iPad by pressing the center button at the bottom of the screen.

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