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How To Recover Forgotten Password Of Linksys Velop Tri-Band AC6600?

By default, the password for Tri-band Linksys velop intelligent systems is ‘Admin’. If you are not being able to get into the login page, then something wrong might have happened either you have forgotten the password or someone in your family has changed it without your knowledge.

The purpose of entering the username and password on the web page is to get access to the web-interface page for setup and configure additional settings. To check the default details of your mesh intelligent system, you will have to go through the guided manuals.

For your information, the default IP address is To recover the password, you can either reset it or forgot it. Set a new password of your choice thereafter and note it down at some safe place like in any drive of your computer.

Steps to reset the password are:

  1. Turn on the Linksys Velop by connecting it to the power supply.
  2. Check power light whether it is glowing or not. If it starts glowing, the system is successfully started.
  3. Check the buttons available underneath the Linksys Velop Wi-Fi system.
  4. Press the reset button from the hardware for 5 seconds and release it. Though the reset button is slightly available inside the main body, you can use a sharp tip device to press it.
  5. Once you release the button, the panel lights will start flashing reminding you of reset.
  6. Wait for another 10 seconds and check if AC6600 is reset or not.
  7. Disconnect the power supply from the router and wait for 5 minutes.
  8. Turn on the power supply again and wait for the booting process to get finished.
  9. After performing step ‘H’, the router will reset and you can now open the same page on the web browser by entering the default IP address. Enter ‘Admin’ in the password field and change it to the new one if prompted. You can change it later on as well but an instant change of password is suggested.
  10. Enter all the details like port forwarding, username, and password in the next given fields. If prompted enter the connection type.

Can’t access Linksys Velop AC6600?

After entering the right password or even after resetting the password for the router, if you are still facing problem in accessing the web-interface page, then there is definitely some problem with the IP address. Reset the router IP if required. The steps to reset the IP address are given on Linksys velop help page.

Get the default gateway details of your Velop system on the computer screen by moving the cursor to ‘Preferences’ from the ‘Computer settings’ page. The gateway details generally are the same as that of the IP address of Linksys Velop AC6600 router. Click on the ‘TCP/IP’ option from additional settings of the router and check gateway details. For more information click at Velop Setup.


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