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How To Get Rid Of Common Linksys Velop Wi-Fi System Errors And Messages?

In terms of seamless wireless connection, Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh system surpasses the traditional router and extenders. You can set it up in minutes however, you may encounter some error in between the process.

Check the issues given below along with their solutions.

  1. Check network connectivity: If no internet is available, click on ‘I want to setup my ISP settings manually’. Click to enter the settings. You will find the following fields on the page:
  • Contact my ISP: This means you need to contact your internet service provider.
  • Static IP address: This means the connection gets established with the static IP address or default Velop SSID.
  • PPPoE account: Enter PPPoE information in the default Velop Wi-Fi system.
  • VLAN ID and PPPoE: This means you are required to connect to the default Velop Wi-Fi. Enter details of PPPoE type connection along with VLAN ID.
  • Try again: This means there is error detecting the connection.
  • Skip and continue without internet: Click to continue with the setup wizard. This doesn’t require an internet connection. Login to the router dashboard and enter the settings manually.
  1. Can’t log in with the username and password: At the times of setup, a password for the administrative account is auto-created for your node. You can use this to access the velop system when the cloud account is temporarily unavailable. The password should be changed after fixed intervals. Steps to change the password are:
  • Login to the Velop dashboard using cloud account and click ‘Velop administration’.
  • Click ‘Change password’.
  • Hit ‘Admin password’ link and enter a new password of your choice along with the password hint.
  • Similarly, if you are facing difficulty in accessing the cloud account, you can reset the password.
  1. Restore to factory defaults: Restore your velop to factory default settings. It is last resort to all the problems encountering in your network. This will disconnect all the wireless devices connected to the network. Repeat the setup process again and customize the username and password along with security type.

Steps to be followed for reset the velop nodes

For secondary node reset: Press and hold till the light turn red on the top of the node and flashes bright red again to reset the node to the factory defaults.

For the primary node: Follow the same steps and reset the secondary nodes as well in order to set up the Velop system again.

Finish setup: In case the Linksys app gets closed during the setup, there is nothing to worry. You will find the app resume from where you had left. Click to continue the rest of the setup. Customize settings and keep on clicking ‘Next’ for next 2-3 windows. If you don’t want to continue the setup, click on ‘Don’t want to continue’. For more information click at Linksys Router Login.


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