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Easy Workaround To Get Rid Of Linksys Velop Issues From Web-Based Interface

Is the Linksys Velop mesh Wi-Fi system not working as it should be? If yes, then there is no need to get disappointed as these are common issues and can be easily fixed through simple tips and tricks. We are going to discuss workarounds to get rid of Velop issues on a Web-based interface.


  • The Velop node must be set to default. If not, then perform a factory reset.
  • There should be a stable link between the Velop and computer.

With what steps you can configure the node of your Velop using setup page

  1. Launch a web browser and open a web-based setup page by entering the IP address.
  2. You will find the setup page opened on the screen.
  3. Tap ‘Desktop blocking.html’ file. Replace name with setup.html.
  4. Enter login details in the next two fields which include username and password. You can check the details from the sticker pasted at the back of the hardware.
  5. Select the SSID and password of your choice.
  6. Click ‘Save setup node’. This will save the node as a master node for your Mesh Wi-Fi router.
  7. Click ‘Finish’ to end the configuration.

Enter SSID in the relevant field in case you are going to connect the nodes via a wireless interface. Setup the primary mode after this.

Network connection setup

 If you find the problem in configuring the network on Velop mesh Wi-Fi system, then go through the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Linksys page on the web browser.
  2. Click on the logo given next to the Linksys and wait for the settings page to get loaded.
  • Enter username in the first field and go to ‘CA’ from the bottom.
  1. Tap ‘Connectivity’ and go through network settings. Go to ‘Wireless’ from the given menu and save settings.
  2. Click ‘Apply’ changes.
  3. Go to ‘Velop setup’ and enter the SSID and password of the network.
  • Click on ‘Setup primary node’.
  • Select the node, password and give any name of your choice to it.
  1. Tap ‘OK’ and inspect the network connection. After configuring the SSID, you can easily connect the devices to the network.
  2. After configuring the primary node, select the secondary node through the same steps. As the secondary nodes keep on connecting, you will find purple light start blinking corresponding to node. Click ‘Additional nodes’ to setup more nodes.

Important: Once all the nodes get added, you will find the option grays out. This means the data is successfully transmitting and receiving from primary to secondary nodes. The light on the node indicates the data received on it.

  1. Connect the primary to the secondary node through the wired interface and check the light. If it turns solid blue, then you can proceed further. You can now shift the node according to your choice.
  2. Tap ‘Done’ to complete the setup.

For more information click at Linksys Velop Login.


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