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Easy And Quick Steps To Remove Error 2318 Of Your Linksys Velop Router

Are you using Linksys Velop router with your home wireless system? If yes, then have you ever come across error 2318 while trying to login to the router page? Well, we are going to suggest some easy and simple steps with the help of which you can easily remove 2318 from the router’s screen. This error code generally appears when there is no internet connection when accessing the setup page.

1st step: Create a new Linksys Wireless account

  • Launch a web browser on your computer and simply enter the login address of your Velop router.
  • After entering the URL, a link will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap to go to the next step.
  • Enter details to set up a new account with new details. If you find the browser is taking too long to open the page, then try another browser.
  • Click to agree to the terms and conditions given on the page and press ‘Next’.
  • Click ‘Create a smart Wi-Fi account’ and see if the problem is resolved or not.

2nd step: Use of third party programs to fix error code 2318

Turn off Firewall settings and disable Antivirus program if installed any on your computer. Try testing the router now. Disconnect the devices connected to the Linksys router excluding the device connected via wired. If you have started downloading any software on the computer, then stop it for a while. This step will definitely fix the problem and you will be able to login to the Wi-Fi page efficiently without any problem. If this step also doesn’t solve the problem, then go to the next step.

3rd step: Configure browser on your own

  • Turn on the compatibility mode of your browser if available and try accessing the router again. The compatibility mode differs from browser to browser.
  • Disable add Ons like Ad-block and No-script. This must be enabled for all the pages available on the Linksys Velop setup interface.
  • Tap and clear the cache of your browser.
  • Login to the Linksys Velop setup page and turn on ‘Predictions’ to get suggestions related to the keyword entered in the search bar.
  • Go through the network actions to see the performance of every page. If any improvement is required, you can do it from the network actions page itself.
  • Turn on ‘Malware protection and phishing’.

So, this is all about the steps to get rid of error 2318 from the Linksys Velop router screen. We hope you will get success after implementing the steps. If you are still having any trouble, then contact the router experts. For more information click at Linksys Smart Wifi Login.


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